ONEcleaner surgical instrument washer detergents cut costs, replacing multiple washing products while cleaning medical devices residue free.

​0225-01, enzyme detergent lubricant surgical instrument cleaners
$28.24 per gallon,
$112.94 case of 4 gallons with 1 pump
Shipping weight 41 pounds.
For cleaning medical devices, soaking hydrating debris, removing stains. For use with ultrasonic cleaners, scope cleaners, and surgical instrument washers.

0225-32, easy FOAM-it soaking FOAM enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners
$116.85 case of 12, 32 oz. bottles with FOAM applicator
Shipping weight 26 pounds.
For pre wash soaking, hydrates dried on debris, removes stains and mineral deposits, boosts cleaning power.

ONE jug can be used to replace the washer jugs for, enzyme cleaners, detergents, and surface lubricants.

Clean and protect your valuable surgical instruments with standardized delivery of all the ingredients necessary for the highest quality cleaning outcomes from ONE cleaning product, the ONEcleaner.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents
boost washing power
and wash residue free.