ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents lubricate moving parts while they clean residue free.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent lubricating cleaners deliver a water soluble lubricant, while cleaning devices residue free with lower cleaning costs.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument lubricant cleaners are water soluble, neutral pH, and 100% biodegradable.

AORN Recommendations for lubricating surgical instruments state that professionals responsible for surgical instruments often overlook the significance of selecting the appropriate lubricant for processing surgical instruments. A surgical instrument lubricant is a valuable tool and an important variable in the instrument care process.

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ONEcleaner lubricating surgical instrument cleaners assure you that your surgical instruments will be lubricated with every cleaning reprocessing cycle.

Lubricants can do much more than reduce friction and wear; they can lengthen the useful life of an instrument. The use of an inappropriate lubricant can lead to inadequate sterilization of surgical instruments.

When reprocessing instruments and preparing them for sterilization, it is critical to use lubricants specifically formulated and labeled for surgical instruments. This can help assure that the lubricants are formulated to allow sterilants to contact instrument surfaces, and will give confidence that they are compatible with the method of sterilization being used. Water soluble surgical instrument lubricants offer a number of advantages over oil-based lubricants and may prove to be a superior and more effective product. It is also critical to thoroughly clean each device to remove any soils, biofilm, vegetative and spore forms of organisms, oils, and any other residues that can impair sterilization. Applying heat to these residues can affix them more tightly to the surfaces and make the instruments even harder to sterilize. Lubricants are a cost-effective way of maintaining and getting the best performance from medical instruments.

The Association of perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommends that all decontaminated equipment with moving parts be bathed in a preserved water-soluble lubricant after each mechanical processing, unless the manufacturer advises otherwise.

ONEcleaner lubricating cleaners assure you that your surgical instruments will be lubricated with every cleaning cycle.

AORN Recommended Practices state that: Surgical instruments should be checked for function after cleaning. Water soluble surgical instrument lubricants should be applied to those instruments that require lubrication. Instruments should be cleaned before the lubricant is applied. Lubricants decrease friction between working surfaces. Unless otherwise specified, lubricants should be water soluble to allow steam penetration during sterilization; oil-based products cannot be penetrated.

Surgical instruments should be lubricated with a neutral pH water soluble lubricant after every use and during every cleaning treatment.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents, with a surface lubricant, assure you that your surgical instruments are lubricated, while being cleaned.

Clean and protect your valuable surgical instruments with a standardized delivery of all the washing ingredients necessary for the highest quality washing outcomes, from ONEcleaner.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents
lubricate while they clean residue free.